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JANUARY 20th :             🇫🇷 BONNE                               La Parenthèse                      

JANUARY 21st :             🇨🇭 GENÈVE                              La Bretelle  

FEBRUARY 10th :           🇨🇭 GENÈVE                              La Jonquille                          

FEBRUARY 16th :           🇫🇷 LES BRASSES                       Le Panoramique   OPEN AIR

MARCH 4th :                 🇫🇷 MIEUSSY                             La Micro-Brasserie                 

MARCH 23rd :               🇫🇷 LYON  c a n c e l l e d         Les Valseuses  

MARCH 31st :                🇫🇷  BONNEVILLE                      L'Agora

APRIL 21st :                   🇫🇷 SEVRIER                             Le Marché de la Seiche  

APRIL 27th :                   🇫🇷 CESSY                                Cadence Café

APRIL 28th :                   🇨🇭 GENÈVE                             Mr. Pickwick Pub

MAY 12th :                    🇫🇷 MARCELLAZ                       648 Café 

JUNE 2nd :                     🇫🇷 RADIO MONT-BLANC         Live Session + Interview

JUNE 8th :                      🇫🇷 DIVONNE LES BAINS           DV Beach OPEN AIR

JUNE 9th :                      🇫🇷  SALLANCHES                    V&B Bar 

JUNE 10th :                    🇨🇭 CAROUGE/GENÈVE            Point Cardinal (Les Beaux Jours au Jardin) OPEN AIR

JUNE 11th :                    🇫🇷 MORILLON                         La Covagne OPEN AIR

JUNE 17th :                    🇫🇷 VILLE-LA-GRAND              Fête de la Musique OPEN AIR

JUNE 21st :                    🇫🇷 ANNEMASSE                      Fête de la Musique OPEN AIR

JUNE 23rd :                    🇫🇷 DIVONNE LES BAINS           Le Full Moon Café

JUNE 24th :                    🇫🇷 MIEUSSY                            Salon de la Bière OPEN AIR

JULY 1st :                       🇫🇷 FERNEY-VOLTAIRE             Brasserie Henriette

JULY 7th :                      🇫🇷 BONNE                               La Parenthèse OPEN AIR 

JULY 13th :                    🇫🇷 VÉTRAZ-MONTHOUX         Mairie Crèche la p'tite Sirène OPEN AIR

JULY 14th :                    🇩🇪 ECKERNFÖRDE                   Spieker   

JULY 15th :                    🇩🇪 BAD HONNEF                     Lilo (im alten Hallenbad)  

JULY 19th :                    🇩🇪 KÖNIGSWINTER                  Haus Schlesien OPEN AIR

JULY 20th :                    🇩🇪 TROISDORF                        QuattroPassi Ristorante zur Burg Wissem

JULY 26th :                    🇫🇷 TANINGES                          La Bulle de Neige OPEN AIR

JULY 28th :                    🇫🇷 ORNEX                               Quartier Gessien OPEN AIR

OCTOBER 19th :            🇩🇪 KORSCHENBROICH             STADTKLANG (Il Cortile)




In the comfort of your own home you can enjoy your own private heart-warming and fun concert. Invite your friends and close ones and experience a music concert in a personal setting, that will allow us to connect to you and your audience on a whole different level. Or make it a unique present for a dear one and offer them a voucher.


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Our first Single 'LIKE I DON’T BELONG' has been an adventure. It was written, recorded and produced in four different countries (Germany, Portugal, U.S. and the Netherlands) within six months.  Our plans were smashed as we were involuntarily separated for three months on two continents and had to deal with outer challenges and inner processes.  It’s been rough times, and the song has been our constant companion.  ‚LIKE I DON’T BELONG’ reflects our own digestion of judgment for being a little outside the box. The song encourages everyone to shine their light by being themselves. Dedicated to those who know the feeling of being outcasted for being different. Addressed to bullies, with empathy and encouragement to see their own worth.

art work by https://meesart.de

The Guitar Lick inspired us to create an energetic song with an 80s retro vibe. The production is contemporary. The song is about the urgency, from our point of view, at this time in this crazy world we live in, for humanity to finally wake up and create a new Earth. In order for each one of us to participate in creating a better reality, we need to disclose deception, dig for the truth and evolve as a heart-guided species.

art work by https://meesart.de


Their new Single 'WHAT A DAY' is a celebration song. The tune navigates between chill pop and R&B-ish vibes. It originally started off as a personal birthday tune for a best friend, posted on social media. Then, from the enthusiastic reaction of the addressee as well as the band’s fanbase, Stereo Freedom spontaneously decided to make it their next Single. This song is now dedicated to all people who want to express their honor and love to a dear one, be it for their birthday, wedding day or just to cause them a special day any day.

STREAM/BUY on all music platforms:

Project 432


This Single REAWAKENED LOVE (PROJECT 432) is the premier of a series of songs in the frequency of 432 Hertz combined with nature sounds we recorded on our journeys. It's meant to relax your mind and body, make you feel at peace, let a sense of well-being flow through you and come more in tune with yourself.

Enjoy the journey.


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We are two Neo-Hippies enjoying our musical journey.  

We are Genre Nomads, Truth Seekers, Soul Connecters, Earth Lovers.  

In our songwriting processes we intentionally follow no concept. It’s rather heart over mind. And about telling our stories on a mission to inner truth.   

By opening up to our vulnerabilities we experience healing and growth and connection to people.  

Our Music is our channel to spread love, radiate freedom and express joy for creation. 

Every song, to us, is a being. We communicate and co-create. 

We enjoy gliding through genres leaving a neo-retro vibe.  

Playing live we love to create an intimate momentum between you and ourselves. Looking forward to meeting up somewhere near you hopefully soon.  

Check out our Singles. We are currently working on a special EP Release in the near future. 

Love Power to you, STEREO FREEDOM. 

STEREO FREEDOM are a multi-ethnical duo, born in South America and North Africa, currently located in Cologne, Germany. 

These 360° DIY artists shape and stretch pop in all eclectic directions, be it a dreamy singer-songwriter theme, a heavy guitar anthem or a danceable disco beat. 

Growing up with good old 70s and 80s pop, yet always inspired by current artists, they naturally blend 

old-school feels with contemporary sounds, always leaving an original neo-retro vibe. 

If there’s a detectable guideline, it’s catchy hooks.


German PODCAST 'Auf dem Weg' feat. STEREO FREEDOM on Spotify






Hi, lovely people. 

to finally let the cat out of the bag, we've changed our band name! It's been due to the fact, that with our former name we had a very difficult standing as far as finding us on the net and SEO-related matters. As this plays a huge role nowadays for us as a newcomer band, we had to put this into consideration and say goodbye to our beloved former name. 

It's been a looong procedure, we had an extended Brainstorm period, came up with ssoo many good ideas. All this while we were geographically separated, so we had endless phone calls and wrote marathon-long text messages. But then it was all a question of what URL and Social Media names were still available. We so often thought, yesss, that's the one, we got it, but then that name, we were sure was so unique, was already taken. This happened around 3749 times...It was truly nerve-wrecking and our brains were smoking for a good month.

Now we can say, we are super-happy with our new band name S T E R E O  F R E E D O M ! 

It fits us 💯 percent, and we really hope you love it, too! 

Even though we're still the same, this change feels like a fresh start and even a bit of a new era for us. There's an exciting new road ahead of us, which we'd love to share with you step by step along the way. 

Stay tuned for more to come. 

Lovepower, Jimix & Kima.



Lovely people, we welcome you to our brand-new website!

As you've probably seen, it's still quite rudimentary at this stage, since we just launched it.. We are 360 ° DIY musicians (which means, everything around our music is created and executed by us), so consequently we are working simultaneously on various fields.

This website is in a never ending development, so please come again to get further upgrades and more information.

We are maintaining a BLOG here, where we write down our thoughts, experiences and other topics that are dear to us, in a rather free diary style.

Additionally we just started a VLOG (a video Blog) on our YouTube Channel. 

We do this so you can get to know us better. We always love the connection to our audience, when we play live. and we equally love to maintain this connection in this period of time, where we don't get to gig that much. So please always feel welcome to write us your questions.

What would you like to know about us?

What subjects would you like us to write or talk about?

Further down the page you find the section to contact us directly and write down your requests.

We are happy to see you here, thank you and come again soon. So much more to come up...

About the Newsletter:

In case you're hesitant whether to subscribe to our newsletter or not, let us explain, what you can expect. First of all, be sure that we won't spam you with numerous mails per week! With our newsletter we are creating a special fan or rather fam-like community, our Inner Tribe ( as we like to call it), whom we share special stuff with. 

As a member you get access to exclusive content, special gifts, raffles and discounts of our merchandise, that we are going to launch soon by the way. 

As your opinion is important to us, we are planning to make inquiries to know e.g what merch product you want next, or what questions you have for us, what topics you would like us to write or talk about in our blogs and vlogs or what album title you would choose for us. As our subscribers, our Inner Tribe, you are the closest people to us and your opinion will always be of highest priority to us. SO please feel welcome to engage and comment!

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We thank you for your love and support.

Love Power, ..Kima & Jimix..